I believe that someday I'm going to have a first dance with my baby who love(s) me and we're gonna runaway cause she's my love and I can't swag without her, maybe just one time, cause when i needed somebody to love, she was there. And when u smile your toothpaste smile, I'll be stuck in the moment and I will never let you go. Am I a sinner 'cause half my dinner is still there on my plate? It tasted like liquid poo, like dinausor pee.

You may not be a rich girl, you're not a latin girl but you are for sure my one less lonley girl. You also keep me down to earth and that's just because you have a bigger heart than Dora the explorer. I could have went Eenie meenie with all the girls I have around me, but when we were in that elevator, going Up to the sixth floor I realized I was born to be somebody, and that somebody is your boyfriend, I guess I'm just a sucker for love.

All of a sudden, I had my favorite girl. She asked me if I could handle curves, and yes i can. When you're J. Bieber, you're pretty fly for a white guy. Gurls can't live without you. You can't even go to Omaha mall without hearing someone yell "shawty let's go!" I begged the kings of kings to set a place at their table at Mickey D's, but they told me I was speaking in tongues. But I wont stop, because McDonalds is my common denominator. Am I a sinner 'cause half my dinner is still there on my plate? It tasted like liquid poo, like dinausor pee, Studio mama, and I'm sorry for giving you a heartache, but as soon as I turn in to Dr. Bieber, i'll fix it. I'm not the same Mamas boy I were before, now I've got swag so mean and I guess that's why you picked me. But then, when we went on that boat ride, you just fell overboard. I pray every night that you'll come back. People tell me that I should give up on you, that you're gone, that I'll never get to see you again.. but never say never right? So.. where are you now?


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